Wooden Exterior Panel Doors

Accurate and decorative design to augment the feel of your peripherals

Exterior door is one of the primary things your guest notices. And, you always want that experience to be overwhelming. Having Wooden Exterior Panel Doors with exquisite design and lifelong properties is definitely going to enhance the exterior of your house along with impressing your guest. Including domestic use, the doors can also be employed for office as well as commercial use.

O.P. Doors offers wide variety of Wooden Interior Doors and Exterior Doors that customize the present design as well as order the personalized design from the scratch. Whether you are building a house or an office it’s important enough to figure out the difference between both exterior and interior doors. There are many differences between the designs and the raw material being used to make doors.

Interior doors are prepared keeping in mind that they have to match up to the color of the room. Designs are bit subtle and comfortable so that they complement the room’s interior in the best way possible.Interior doors don’t need any kind of a treatment process like exterior doors. Exterior doors have to go through treatment process as they have to bear climate and temperature changes constantly. Interior doors are not as sturdy as exterior doors. Doors used inside the houses are bit light weighted as no one wants to open and close heavy doors all the time.

Exterior Panel Door

Model No: OP-530

Exterior Door

Model No: OP-902A

Panel Door

Model No: OP-802

Heavy panel door

Model No: OP-660

Exterior Door

Model No: OP-890

Beautiful design door

Model No: OP-900

Interior Doors

Model No: OP-903

Interior Doors

Model No: OP-902

Heavy panel exterior door for home

Model No: OP-902B

Double door exterior gate

Model No: OP-885

Both interior and exterior doors are assembled by applying supreme quality raw materials. While placing a door in a room or either at the main entrance of the room one must keep size of the room and the door in mind. Extreme size doors will be a bizarre choice as an interior door and vice versa is the case with exterior doors. The wood employed for doors are made up of 100% chemically treated and are full seasoned wood. Right from design to wood material, everything is covered in five years of guarantee. We believe in delivering innovative solutions to the customers that come in budget and stand apart. The state-of-the-art products are manufactured on high-tech machines that deliver products with accuracy. With the perfect arrangement of wooden panels and frames, OP doors offer you an attractive range of heavy panel doors. One can choose from modern to traditional design made from Indian Sheesham, C.P. (Nagpur) Teak (Sagwan), Mango, Ivory Coast Teak and Mahogany wood.

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