Modular Kitchen Furniture

Our modular kitchen Furniture are made from fully seasoned and chemically treated wood, with warranty

Since time immemorial, the kitchen has held a place of importance in every home. With the passage of time, however, the traditional model of the kitchen has given way to a new version, known as a “modular” kitchen. Today’s kitchens serve a multitude of purposes, accommodating not only the basic requirement of a food preparation area, but also a great family and social hub-a hotspot where people eat, hang out, dine, and even work! They also take into account the need for food workspaces that are different from before because of our mounting exposure to varied cuisines. OP Doors offers great Modular Kitchen Furniture and designs, keeping in mind the discerning customer’s requirements.

Modular Kitchen Furniture

Model No: OP-K001

Modular Kitchen Furniture

Model No: OP-K002

Modular Kitchen Cabinet

Model No: OP-K003

We as a modular kitchen manufacturers are very much aware of the fact that market is filled with myths about modular kitchen furniture and products. There are misconceptions in the market which might be clouding your decision and making you reluctant towards modular kitchen furniture. People have a perception that modular kitchens are complex task when it comes to its assembling procedure all over again. Dismantling and relocating is hardly a task and can be easily done by putting no extra efforts. All modular kitchen manufacturers are inducing standard size cabinets or modules in their modular kitchen products so that people can get benefit to renovate their kitchen without any hassle.

Here are just some of the reasons you should choose us:

  • Pioneers and market leaders in the wood product manufacturing space in India.
  • Use of a variety of woods, both hard and soft, depending on desired style-modern, contemporary or classic.
  • Innovative and stylish range of designs which are also efficient and cost-effective.
  • Stringent quality standards for treatment of wood to render it damage-resistant and strong.
  • Customization in sizes of cabinets, shelves and other surfaces as per unique needs.
  • Availability of Modular kitchen manufacturers warranty for making a confident purchase.

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